History of Essentrics

On this page ,for the most curious of you ,a little story of how this Healing method came about.

It all started with Miranda Esmonde White, a formal ballerina  turned into an aerobic teacher turned into a chronic back pain sufferer.

Now , all of this previous work resulted in the birth of Classical Stretch, a program of movement that incorporates the pure lines we see in architecture and painting adapted to the human body. Hence first principle was born: ALIGNMENT and it’s effect upon this perfect machine of ours, alongside many others you’ll soon discover . The feedback was tremendous, almost everybody lost a pant size, back pain disappeared, signs of osteoporosis, arthritis had reversed or diminished. The method became so popular that Miranda had to start training other people to cover the demand and it was still not enough.

The Canadian National Sports Federation heard about her unique FLEXIBILITY approach  so she began training many Olympic athletes achieving even more popularity. Then PBS ( American Network ) picked up Classical Stretch as an ongoing series on TV.

Well this skyrocketed into full blown craziness.

Here comes Sahra Esmonde White, Miranda’s daughter into play. She pursued a Masters in Public Health and has chosen to study the effects of Classical Stretch on health. As she analysed the program , she realised it appealed to many different demographics:young people, middle aged people, seniors, athletes, children and even people recovering from injuries. The technique could be used for general fitness, therapeutic group classes, personal training, and even for healing those with more serious conditions. With the program being adaptable and suitable to so many markets it came the challenge of how to market it to the various demographics.

At this point Classical Stretch became ESSENTRICS. The name was discovered through kinesiology, the science of movement. ESSENTRICS is basically a little tweaking from  ECCENTRIC training ( the scientific term for the specific type of STRENGTH training used in this form of exercise ).

Here Sahra becomes the driving force behind Essentrics turning it into the worldwide success it is today.

If you lasted this far you really like history:)

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